Strumming My Pain

No one understands the roller coaster ride of love until you actually jump on and buckle up. 

You can try to explain it over and over, but until the other party experiences it for themselves they won’t understand. 

I was always one to give advice, but now have been the one receiving advice more often, because I thought I knew something that I really didn’t. 

I was strumming my own pain with falsehoods and fake glory. 

Then he came along and strummed a new song I’d never heard before. This song taught me crescendos and decrescendos, unisons and harmonies all at once.

A collaboration of funk, hip hop, r&b, classical, opera, reggaeton and more. The love he gave made me feel a variety of feelings, as if listening to my favorite artist. 

And just like that, my pain was strummed away…

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