As I listen to D’Angelo sing “Lady” in my earphones, I contemplate love. 

I contemplate the numerous wonderful qualities, and the fact that another person has entered my life that I care so much about. 

BabyFace now takes over and I think “damn, now my guard is down and there is nothing I can do about it!” I laugh because, I’m not sure I want to do anything about it. 

about us…

No I don’t want to do anything about it, because even when you make me mad I still love you. Even when I’m doubtful the faith I have in God and love somehow wins. During that same thought India calms my anxiety and reminds me that you are “The Truth”. So I’m confirmed we have to be doing something right…right? 

A wonderful glimpse of your smile, your sweet words, your goofy laugh, and even our passionate disagreements are all worth it. 

Uh oh, there goes Smokey “Cruisin'” down lovers lane. My earphones take me on a journey sometimes desired, other times misguided, EVERYtime needed. 

When I’m plugged in, these earphones cause scattered thoughts, pictures, memories, songs to play together at full volume! 


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