I Just Want To Love 

Love without feeling like I have to protect my heart from hurt. 

I want to be able to feel secure in the love I’ve invested in. 

Is that too silly to ask ? Or too mind blowing to believe? 

“Love is patient, love is kind… Love doesn’t do wrong. ”

Then why do I periodically feel as if love is accompanied by sickness? 
You know, so in love until I’m sick of being in love? Sick of thinking of him all the time, sick of worrying if he’s thinking of me too. Sick of wanting to be The one for him and him me? 
I just want to love. Love and feel loved too. 

I don’t want to be shut out anymore.
 I love so hard, so deep, so uninhibited , with no boundaries. But I’m learning everyone doesn’t love that way…

My best friend closes the door on me sometimes for fear of judgement. 

My baby shuts me out sometimes for fear of rejection. 

My family holds tightly to provide protection. 

But I just want to love, and be loved FREELY, with no strings attached! 
Just Love me 100% REAL! 

Yes, with OUR flaws. 

Yes, include OUR insecurities. 

Yes, encourage OUR imperfections to reach levels of perfection.  

If we love this way OUR love will help us find: 

  1. Direction to heal the hurt that accompanies your fear of judgement from me and the world. 
  2. A compass leading passed the sense of rejection you think you might feel from me, after you show me who you really are. 
  3. And the key to unlock the protective chains that you have on me. 

I don’t want you to take this the wrong way. However, I just want to love you unselfishly & unconditionally, in a way to build you up rather than tear you down. 

priceless is the love I have for you. But please don’t take it for granted, box it and shelve it. 
Please in exchange for mine, offer your’s… Unashamed, unrefined, unconditional, just pure 100% L.O.V.E.  

Simplicity provides a way for me to say



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