❤️ Your ❤️ Love ❤️

Your love is unmatched Sacrificial, unconditional, uncompromising 

I can’t imagine anyone or anything to compare to you. 

You took the time to think of me before I was born. 

In your image you numbered the hairs on my head, the features of my face, the flaws to keep me humble, the beauty to keep me grateful. 

Your love is original

Not Like everyone else’s. 

As a child I didn’t fully understand, even today it’s hard to believe you still extend your wonderful love toward an undeserving, complicated, sinful me…

Your love , unprecedented. 

Your love , unreal 
Your love, my saving grace, your love , my mistakes, your love covers it all. 

Your love, I appreciate! 
Inspired by 1 John 4:9

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