I just want this to end. 

Why am I so stuck in this stage, I’m ready to move on from feeling like this. 

My mind is not right, although I am trying to pretend to the world that I’m “ok” . I’m really not!

I’m hurt! 

Lord you took my girl, who loved me unconditionally. 

Then you allowed my boy to disappear as if he just doesn’t care, and it all happened at the same time! 

I’m in a whirlwind and I want to get out. 

The tears I cry are often. 

And I’m ready to give up. 

I know everything around me seems to be “great”, but no one feels how I feel right now. 

No one knows that I am suffering in silence, and experiencing heartbreak to the 10th power. 

I need prayer, I need relief, I need your help! 

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