When You Love “Someone”. (For CD❤️)

My love for you is deeper than I could have ever imagined. 

I was always the girl who guarded myself from this feeling, loved from a distance and made funny faces when people said they were in love. 

But now look at me…

I’m one of them! 

I can’t stop thinking about you, talking about you, praying for you… All because I love you so much! 

You came into my life almost 3 years ago and my world hasn’t been the same since. 

You showed me a different point of view.

A different way to live and I’m forever grateful. 

How I feel about loving someone like you? Well… When you love someone, you love them for real! There’s no faking involved, no false pretenses, no making shit up. It’s all real and it’s all me… 100%.

To me, your flaws make you beautiful, 

Your smile is infectious, 

Your laugh makes it comical,

Your hug makes me feel secure,

Your kiss incomparable,

Your love fully sustainable,

All these things I admire more, each time I see you, feel you, speak to you. 

When you love someone, someone named YOU , it’s easy to do. 

I can only pray you continue to show your love for me the way you do. You provide for me, take care of me, always offer a kind word and wipe my tears when I cry. 

Baby, I love you. 

Now, forever and always. 

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