When You Left (written 2/14/16) 

Before you left , you stopped by here for a little while. 

I remember it like it was yesterday. Your dark eyes, so strong for a baby, but from that day you pierced my soul. 

You cried uncontrollably, almost to the point I thought you were leaving soon, but your strong fight  & God’s timing said NO! 

I said, you stopped by for a little while, and before your final departure you gave me some life lessons: 

1) Live Life without Limits. No matter what was happening around you, you lived your best life and on purpose. As a baby you’d kick your leg up, stick your tongue out and smile at me to let me know I was now entering your territory. 

2) Laugh In The Midst Of Adversity. Your living situations weren’t the best, but for some reason you always found a reason to smile. You’d hunch your shoulders up and down and giggle as if you were giving a really hearty laugh. Your silliness rubbed off on me… Thank you! 

3) Don’t Take Anyone’s Mess! When someone or something displeased you, you never hid your disappointment. Your “wow” or “you showing out” got me back in line, but your love for me didn’t skip a beat. 

4) Love Unconditionally. You loved with a deep passion and unmatched kinship and I am FOREVER grateful. 

However, when you left and took your last breath, I felt my heart sink. No more to open them on this side of Heaven.

When you left, apart of me left with you. 

How? Why, did this happen?

I’m still in shock and can’t believe you’re actually gone from me. 

No one to yell “Mommy” and give the big bear hug. No one to come and ask for PIZZA in your unique famous fashion. 

When you left, you took my “Mommy” status with you. Along with real love, innocence, and part of my heart…

When you left. 
(R.I.P. Baby Girl, 5 months ago today) 

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