Random thoughts and tears cover my face as I write this letter to you today.
No one and nothing can fill the void of you missing someone important to you. Whether they are near or far, alive or not…when you miss them, you MISS them. 

No one and nothing can soothe the pain of losing a love that you cherish. Whether it be with a spouse, relative, or friend. When you’ve invested time and love into a relationship, you become attached and until someone walks in your shoes they will never know the way you feel! 

Fortunately and unfortunately I have missed a love, cherished love, lost love, & found a love.

Fortunately, because I’m happy I was able to experience something so wonderful. Something so tailor made for me and unique to me. 

Unfortunately, because the same love that took me so high was the same love that took me so low until I couldn’t function & I felt as though I couldn’t breathe without it. 
Nothing and no one will understand the way I feel right now, because nothing and no one has walked this journey specifically for me! So all I can do is pray, hope, & believe I’m doing it  right for my life. 

Untitled remains the title of this thought because it has no specific bookmark. Just thoughts I feel right now… 

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